Founded in 1984, the MicroInfo (Microelectronics and Information Systems) Research Center of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) aims to explore long-term inter-discipline research in microelectronics and information systems. The center sets its mission in developing advanced scientific research, promoting collaboration between academia and industry, and cultivating future research talents.

MicroInfo Center supports lab spaces and infrastructures to research teams of NCTU. Currently, there are 11 research sub-centers stationing at MicroInfo Center. These sub-centers target at research areas of AI, 5G, virtualized networks, SDN, IoT, big data analytics, information security, display technology, and electro-optics.

Sub-centers of the MicroInfo Center and their research directions are as follows:

  1. Pervasive AI Labs
  2. Advanced Networking Research Center
  3. Si-Soft Research Center
  4. Network Benchmarking Lab(NBL)
  5. Taiwan Information Security Center at NCTU
  6. ITRI-NCTU Join Research Center
  7. NCTU Display Research Center
  8. Computer Vision Research Center(CVR)
  9. NCTU-IBM iIoT Research Center
  10. Foxconn-NCTU Joint Research Center
  11. AI System Benchmarking and Tuning Lab
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