Congratulations to Chief Director Yu-Chee Tseng for Being Awarded the 2018 TWAS Prize!!

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Chief Director of MIRC, Chair Professor Yu-Chee Tseng, was named one of the winners of the 2018 TWAS Prize in the field of engineering sciences for his significant contributions to wireless and mobile networks.

The internationally-renowned academic organization, the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS), recently has selected its new academicians and has named its major 2018 prizes. Professor Tseng is one of the prize winners for his long-term contributions to engineering science.

Professor Tseng is an expert in mobile communications and wireless communications. He is Life Chair Professor of National Chiao Tung University since 2011. He was the winner of the Telecommunication Science and Technology Award from Far Eastern Y. Z. Hsu Scientific and Technology Memorial Foundation in 2012. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and has served as an editor of IEEE Trans.

Professor Tseng is the world’s first scholar to discover the “broadcast storm” of wireless networks. This critical discovery has been widely used in random networks, sensing networks, and automotive networks. The research team he leads continues to conduct interdisciplinary integrations in the areas of information, communications and perception. Professor Tseng has published more than 170 journal papers, more than 200 conference papers and more than 50 patents. His research projects are highly innovative and advanced. His publications are often quoted by domestic and international scholars. His h-index has reached 65. He is one of the very rare scholars with such a great achievement in the field of engineering in Taiwan. According to the Google Scholar search, his publications have gotten more than 23, 000 citations. His research achievement has a great academic influence both domestically and internationally.

Professor Tseng attributed this honor and credit to the efforts of all members of his laboratory team. He believes that the major breakthroughs in network communications are not only from theoretical breakthroughs, but also from interdisciplinary integrations, such as the integration among wireless communications and social networking, automotive networking, sensor devices, and smartphone applications. In recent years, he has been focusing on the research of “High-Density IoT Communication Protocol” and “Sensing Data Machine Learning”. He has integrated artificial intelligence with the Internet of Things. Meanwhile, He has been giving a speech about “The Third Eye”, which shows great creativities and imaginations in his research result.

TWAS aims to assist developing countries in their scientific research, developments and applications. The award-winners represent not only their personal achievements, but also their ongoing cares and commitments to the global promotions in science research.

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